Stars of the Week

06 10 17   

Lily L, Sophia, Harry, Jack D, Albie, Jack L, Bea

29 09 17   Izzy A, Elodie, Noah, Amy, Gustav, Olivia, Henry

22 09 17               

Ashley, George H, Frederick, Faye, Grace, Daisy, Scott
15 09 17   Josie, Nancy, Coco, Gilly, Evie, Josh S, Abigale
08 09 17  All of Reception, Fred, Oscar, All of Year 3, Amalaya, Izzy T, Chloe
14 07 17  Mangir, Benjamin, Elsie, Gustav, Reuben, Thomas CB, Josh H
07 07 17 Olivia M, Harry, Katherine, Gabriel, Olivia H, Thomas C, Lexie
30 06 17 

Frederick, Coco, Toby O, Amalaya, Rose, Scott, Molly

23 06 17 Fred, Ben, Katherine, Jack D, Tamsin, Millie and all Year 5 and Year 6
16 06 17 Lilly, Oscar, Henric, Gustav, Reuben, Alice, Toby, Owen
09 06 17 Jacob, Max, Gilly, Grace, Josh S, Courtney, Jasper, Vita
26 05 17   Nancy, Amy, Noah, Albie, Jack L, Toby E, Molly
19 05 17  George O, Harry, All of Year 2, Amelia, Rose, Alice, Henry, Bella, Lexie
12 05 17  Elodie, Coco, Faye, Maisey, Tamsin, All Year 5 and Year 6
05 05 17     Leanna, George H, Henric, Gustav, Maddie, Toby E, Bea, All Year 6
28 04 17      Chloe, Oscar, Elsie, Evie, Josh S, Thomas C, Vita
20 04 17   George O, Noah, Jack D, Olivia H, Gabriel, Alice, Jess
24 03 17  Olivia M, Noah, Amy, Amelia, Olivia H, Owen, Courtney
27 03 17     Elodie, Benjamin, Henric, Gustav, Josh S, Alice, Abigail G
10/03/17 Jacob, Harry, Toby O, Millie, Daisy, Thomas C, Josh H
03/03/17 The whole school
24/02/17 Frederick, Oscar, Gilly, Amelia, Tamsin, Alice, Henry, all of Ladybird Class, George B, Gabriel, Jack, Scott, Lexie
03/02/17 Fred, Noah, Toby O, Evie, Reuben, Abigale, Jess, Mangir, Coco, Katherine, George B, Maddie, Thomas C-B, Jasper, Owen
20/01/17 Sophia, Max, Elsie, Flynn, Maddie, Toby, Molly
13/01/17 Mangir, Chloe, Benjamin, Faye, Evie, Rose, Scott, Lexie, Bella, Daniel
06/01/17 Chloe, Lilly, George H, Jack D, Katherine, Gabriel, Olivia H, Bea, Vita

Leanna, Coco, Olivia M, Max, Henric, Albie, Toby O, George B, Jack, Tamsin, Will, Scott, Owen, Lexie

09/12/16 Sophia, Max, Faye, Maisey, Jack L, Bea, Vita
02/12/16 Mangir, Ben, Katherine, Millie, Daisy, Henry, Lexie
25/11/16 Nancy, Harry, Gilly, Grace, Josh, Courtney, Owen
18/11/16 Fred, Oscar, Henric, Albie, Maddie, Bea, Scott, Molly
11/11/16 Leanna, Noah, George H, Elsie, Amalaya, Tamsin, Gabriel, Olivia H, Thomas C-B, Daniel, Will
04/11/16     Frederick, George O, Oscar, Jack D, Gustav, Grace, Daisy, Will, Lexie
21/10/16      Mangir, Max, Jack D, Katherine, Gabriel, Jack L, Thomas C, Jess, Abigail G
14/10/16       Nancy, Max, Gilly, George B, Olivia H, Henry, Abigail G
07/10/16   Jacob, Harry, Faye, Gustav, Josh S, Scott, Josh H
30/09/16  Sophia, Ben, Toby O, Amelia, Flynn, Jack L, Thomas C, Bella
23/09/16 Olivia, George H, Elsie, Josh S, Abigale, Vita
16/09/16   Elodie, Noah, Amy, Millie, Reuben, Courtney, Owen
09/09/16   Leanna, Mangir, Nancy, Olivia, George O’D, Sophia, Frederick, Fred, Jacob, Elodie, Coco, Katherine, Maisey, Daisy, Toby E, Jess
01/07/16   Ben B, Jack D, Amelia, Jack L, Bea, Owen, Leo
24/06/16  Elsie, Gilly, Gabriel, George H, Mrs Basta, Reuben, Toby E
17/06/16  Harry, Toby O, Grace, the whole of Dragonfly class
27/05/16  Max, Katherine, Grace, Daisy, Thomas C-B, Daniel, Helen  
13/05/16  Coco, Gilly, Gustav, Tamsin, Abigale, Ben, Sunya, James, Leo, Spencer
06/05/16  Oscar, Amy, Amelia, Tamsin, Thomas C, Jess, Molly
29/04/16    George H, Elsie, George B, Jack L, Scott, Lexie, Vita
22/04/16              Noah, Katherine, Flynn, Maddie, Thomas C-B, Daniel, Helen, Sunya
15/04/16  Max, Henric, Millie, Josh S, Bea, Spencer

Noah, Jack D, Millie, Amalaya, Tamsin, Will, Thomas C, Helen, Abigail G

11/03/16 Oscar, Faye, Gabriel, Amelia, Olivia, Josh H, Owen
04/03/16 Max, Katherine, George H, Daisy, Scott, Vita, Lexie
26/02/16  George H, Gilly, Grace, Toby O, Reuben, Daisy, Leo, Sunya
12/02/16   Logan, All Dragonfly Class, Gustav, Toby E, Thomas C-B, Coco, Jack D
05/02/16 Harry B, Henric, Jess, Thomas C, Will, Bea, Spencer, Jack
29/01/16  George H, Elsie, Amelia, Olivia, Reuben, Lexie, Molly
22/01/16 Toby O, Toby E, Daniel, Albie, Jack D, Sunya, Daisy
15/01/16  Amelia, Sam, Owen, Grace, Amy, Benjamin B, Tamsin
08/01/16  Josh S, Scott, Josh H, Isabella, Noah, Elsie, George B
17/12/15 Miss Hemborough, Mrs Watkins, Dragonfly Class, Ladybird Class, Bee Class
03/12/15 Grace, Flynn, Ben H, Lexie, Oscar
27/11/15   Spencer, Daniel, Leo, Jess, Vita, Grace, Jack L, Benjamin B, Amy, Toby O
23/11/15  Molly, Sunya, Daisy, Tamsin, Jack D
09/11/15    Max, Faye, Amelia, Maddie, Abigail, Helen, Noah, Toby O, Reuben, Sam, Owen
21/10/15  Gabriel, Olivia, Gilly, Coco, James, Isabella
16/10/15  Toby E, Josh H, Oscar, Elsie, Daisy, Gustav
09/10/15   Josh S, Bea, Thomas C, Benjamin B, Noah, Albie, George B
21/10/15 Amalaya, Tamsin, Julianna, George H, Thomas C-B, Leo
24/09/15  Will, Vita, Amy, Henric, Josh S, Millie
18/09/15  Finley, Jess, Katherine, Harry, Flynn, Jack L

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